Installing the Required Tools

C# From Scratch Part 1.1

In this part of C# From Scratch, we’ll install the tools that are required to write programs in C# and run them on our machine.

Install the .NET SDK

To follow along with this course, you will need to download and install the .NET SDK (Software Development Kit). This kit contains the tools that your computer needs to convert a file containing C# source code into a program that can run on a computer.

You can download the latest .NET SDK on Microsoft’s .NET Downloads page.

On this page, select the correct operating system for your machine and download the latest version of the .NET SDK.

In the next part of the course, we’ll talk about the difference between the various versions of .NET.

When the SDK is downloaded, run the installer to install it on your machine.

Install Visual Studio Code

We also need to install a code editor where we will write our C# source code.

In this course, I will use Visual Studio Code. Visual Studio Code is a free, cross-platform code editor.

You can download Visual Studio Code on the Visual Studio Code download page.

When the download is complete, install Visual Studio Code on your machine.


In the next part, we’ll take a step back to understand what it is that we have just installed on our machine.

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