Up and Running with .NET Core

C# From Scratch Part 1.0

C# From Scratch is a series that teaches you how to program effectively using the C# language.

A very important part of learning a programming language is writing code. That’s why throughout the course there are demos that you should follow along with and programming challenges for you to work through independently.

Aside from this prescribed programming, you should be experimenting with the code that we create. One of the best ways to test if you understand code is to change it to produce the desired outcome.

Throughout the course, we’ll be making a console application that lets a user record the results of a race and compute some statistics around those results.

After the course, you will be able to create your own applications to solve problems using the C# language.

To follow along with this course or to create your own C# applications, you will need to install some tools on your machine.

This module, Up and Running with .NET Core, shows you which tools to install and gives an introduction to how they work.

Missed a part of the series? You can find an overview of the series and links to all previous parts on the index page.

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